seo strategies in the age of ai

SEO Strategies in the Age of AI: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” Eliezer Yudkowsky(co-founder and research fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute) is absolutely right about artificial intelligence. AI is such a dynamic realm evolving at such a rapid pace that no one can claim to understand it fully.

The online search sphere has also seen many such AI innovations which have disrupted this arena. Many SEO Toronto professionals have adapted to these changes, but a significant proportion of them haven’t and are struggling with dwindling results for their websites.

It’s crucial to navigate this evolving AI landscape with caution! In this blog, we’ll tell you about the finest SEO strategies you can follow in the age of AI. But, first, let’s know about the significance of organic search. So, let’s begin!

The significance of organic search in the age of AI

organic search in the age of ai

Even after countless AI innovations and the emergence of different digital marketing platforms, organic search is still the undisputed winner! If you compare the web traffic of organic search with that of direct traffic and paid search, you will arrive at the same conclusion.

So, empowering your International SEO strategies is crucial to establishing your website’s space on the first page of the global search engine results pages(SERP). According to SEO Toronto experts, it will not only bring you a great amount of traffic but also improve the sales of your website’s offerings.

Did You Know?
68% of online experiences start with a search engine. So, organic search is what you must focus on the most!

The changing world of SEO in the AI era

seo in the ai era

The field of SEO is changing at an unprecedented rate, which is hard to catch up on! With new trends coming up almost daily, sudden algorithm changes and core updates disrupting the domain, you need to maintain your vigilance.

There’s a reason why the local SEO strategies, which were groundbreaking last year, have become obsolete today. The advent of ChatGPT and its integration with Microsoft Bing has shown the world what is possible with the power of AI in the search world.

Google is also catching up fast with its AI assistant called Gemini. It’s proving to be one of the finest AI chatbots leveraged by SEO professionals worldwide.

Due to the rising popularity of AI conversational assistants, Google has been compelled to introduce the Search Generative Experience(SGE). Although it’s still in the beta phase, it will transform how we search and do the SEO for our websites.

Ten Essential SEO strategies you can follow to leverage AI & achieve success are as follows:-

ten essential seo strategies

  • Achieving a fine balance between human creativity and AI tools

human creativity and ai tools

The reality is that the era of AI is here, and the ones who won’t be leveraging its strength are going to be left behind! However, AI tools can’t ever replace human creativity. So, the best approach is to bridge the gap between them by using the best of both.

For example, a human writer can search for their brand’s target audience by using an AI tool like Gemini. This will help the writer in creating a highly-targeted blog post on their website. The amount of leads this blog post will bring to the website will be among those users who are more likely to convert.

  • Modifying your strategy as per the best content types

strategy as per the content types

When the search engines were in their beginning phase, there were limited options available to post content. They were limited to just blogs and articles.

However, the times have changed now, and new content types like videos and podcasts are gaining a lot more traction as compared to the traditional formats. If you aren’t doubling down on video content in today’s time, you are probably losing out on a significant amount of web traffic.

You can use various AI tools to know which SEO content strategies are being used in your industry in relation to the distinct content types.

  • Writing high-quality content that follows the EEAT principle

eeat principle

Content is king, and it’ll always remain the ruler of the search kingdom, no matter how much the field transforms in the coming years. It’s just that you have to write quality content that is user-specific, helpful to the audience, and follows the EEAT principle.

Here’s how you can write content by following the EEAT principle.


Your content must showcase the relevant experience about the niche you’re writing about. It will also help in maintaining the credibility of your website.


The writer should write such a content piece exhibiting in-depth knowledge of the subject they’re writing about! You can also collaborate with your niche’s specialists to create original content with unique insights.


Do you want your website to be an authority in your domain? If yes, writing content with authoritativeness is a must. In case your website becomes a reliable source of information and gets cited by other authentic websites, it means you’re on the right track.


Which shop would you choose when you buy groceries: a trustworthy one selling good quality stuff or the other shop selling adulterated goods? The first one, right? The same principle applies to the websites as well. That’s why you should always provide accurate and transparent information to the end user.

  • Capitalizing on the customer insights

capitalizing on the customer insights

If you’re still relying on the traditional metrics for your website’s SEO, chances are your competitors might beat you in the not-so-distant future. You can use AI approaches along with the conventional approaches to have double the benefit.

By using AI tools to analyze your customer interaction, you’ll get great insights that have the potential to take your business to new heights. You can use these tools to check out your competitors’ websites, and SEO approaches to get much more insights. This will aid you in tailoring your content as per your target audience for better engagement and a higher chance of conversion.

  • Focusing on getting direct traffic

focusing on getting direct traffic

With the constant AI advancements in search engines, it’s getting difficult to rank your website on the organic SERP. That’s the reason you need to find ways to get direct traffic. It will showcase your brand’s relevance and improve your conversion rates as well.

To get direct traffic, you can follow these approaches:-

  1. Have loyalty programs to get recurrent traffic on your website.
  2. Start with targeted email marketing to fetch subscribers directly to your website.
  3. Create an online community on different social media platforms to have an audience that visits your website directly.
  • Updating your content regularly

updating your content regularly

Most old websites have a huge amount of content which is not optimized as per the new content guidelines of the search engines. Moreover, the quantity of content uploaded on the web is humongous, making its shelf life a lot less as compared to earlier times.

In fact, more than 7.5 million blog posts are published daily. So, you have to focus on updating your earlier content along with posting new content pieces.

  • Optimizing your website for mobile

optimizing your website for mobile

Do you know that more than 60% of website traffic comes directly from mobiles? So, optimizing your website for mobiles is necessary nowadays.

Alongside this, you need to make sure that your content is mobile-optimized as well. Furthermore, optimizing your website for mobile has become one of the crucial factors for ranking in the SERP.

  • Using AI tools to do keyword research

ai tools to do keyword research

Keyword research can be fast-tracked by using AI tools. Artificial intelligence technologies can go through huge amounts of data and provide many keyword options along with amazing competitive analysis.

Many companies that provide SEO tools have leveraged it and are offering many AI features to provide more efficient keyword research opportunities. Some examples of such tools are as follows:-

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Google Keyword Planner

Pro Tip: You can use other free AI tools for your Ecommerce SEO strategies to know their impact before investing in a paid tool.

  • Don’t forget to prioritize natural language processing(NLP)

natural language processing

Artificial intelligence has advanced to such a great degree that computer programs can now understand and even generate human language. This AI concept is better known as natural language processing(NLP).

So, you mustn’t forget to prioritize NLP while writing content. This will ensure your content resonates with the users along with the search engines.

  • Be aware of the AI trends in SEO along with being the first mover

AI Trends in SEO

The search world is changing at a rapid speed, and there are many AI innovations happening in the world as you read this blog. In fact, a lot of new AI trends are giving tremendous results to those SEO professionals who are following them diligently.

It all boils down to being aware of the SEO trends and then applying them to your projects as soon as you can. This will make sure you have the first mover advantage and get fabulous results for your website.

Final Words

You need to know that SEO approaches have changed quite a bit in just the last few days and some of those changes are revolutionary. At such a time, only those SEO professionals will survive who can leverage the power of AI and optimize their websites. So, you just have to follow the above-listed ten strategies to get amazing results and guaranteed success for your website.

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