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Impress Google – Fix Website’s Technical Issues

Technical SEO Services

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Site Speed

Site speed can be improved by cleaning the website’s code, checking your content, reducing redirects, using compressed images, simplifying web design and splitting up pages & attachments.

Robots.txt file

Robots.txt file

Regular maintenance of the robots.txt file is essential to spend the crawl budget in an optimized way. With the robots.txt file, we ensure that each page on your website gets indexed.

Technical SEO Service
Technical SEO Toronto

Content Duplicacy

Content Duplicacy

Content duplicacy issues can downfall the ranking of your website. Our expert team of content writers can help you replace duplicate content with fresh content.

Organize Site Structure

Organize Site Structure

Opt for a flat site structure as Google deems such a structure comfortable to crawl all pages. Our site structure managing strategy does not leave any page orphans.

Technical SEO Audit Services
SEO website responsiveness

Website Responsiveness

Website Responsiveness

When a website is made responsive for multiple devices, many issues come forward, which need to be resolved to achieve the goal of ‘Website Responsiveness’. Our SEO executives are highly adept at bringing responsiveness to the website.

HTTPs Status Code

HTTPs Status Code

HTTPs status code is an indispensable ranking factor. Our SEO executive team makes sure that no error remains unresolved. We know the secret sauce to use it in a way that impacts your rankings positively.

SEO Technical Audit

Appreciative Words From Esteemed Clients

Melissa Kelly

5 star
With being a business owner in today's world, I came to learn the importance of marketing, as well as having a good website and an online presence comes full circle.  Fortunately I've had the pleasure of dealing with Amir at SEO Toronto Experts and I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the level of professionalism as well as there attention to detail and excellent customer service. All and all I feel comfortable and confident in trusting them with my growing business needs.

Louise Comtois

5 star
Dealt with a novice with patience and professionalism. The quality of their work is excellent, and I am delighted with the end result. Amir did a great job as Project Manager, and I look forward to working with SEO Toronto Experts on future projects.

George Gross, Jr.

5 star
I was impressed with the understanding that SEO Toronto Experts had for my project.  They were able to very easily interpret the look or feel I wanted to have on the site.  In addition, they made excellent suggestions as to how to format the site to add both excitement and energy.  I would recommend SEO Toronto Expertsto anyone who would like a superior SEO
Technical SEO audit Toronto

What’s The Benefit Of Technical SEO Services For Your Website?

A technically sound website offers users a great experience, which is the key factor in turning visitors into customers. A technically healthy website has optimized site load speed, robots.txt file, fresh content, relevant backlinks, has an SSL certificate, optimized site structure, breadcrumb menus and regularly works on the crawl budget. It is usually devoid of technical errors like – dead or broken links and unstructured data. Besides, such websites emerge supremely flawless on these fronts – internal linking, robots meta tag and schema markup. Google also prefers to make technically sound website rank on the 1st page of SERP. The factors included in this category are counted among the major ranking factors. Thus our SEO Toronto experts put their immense focus on making a website 100% excellent at the technical front.

Our Technical SEO Toronto executives usually carry out a site audit to ensure bots only find good points while crawling your site. They are adept at resolving all the issues reflected in the Google search console & XML sitemap to ensure that your site is at #1 on search results. If it is about leveraging technical SEO Toronto on an international website, hreflang tags play an essential role.

Don’t let your website be prey to poor technicalities.

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Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

Technical SEO Company

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CWV Experts

Our CWV (Core Web Vitals) experts are highly adept at making a website strong on these fronts – LCP, FID, CLS, Load Speed, Interactivity & Visual Stability. A website which is strong on these fronts is usually likable by Google & preferred to be enlisted on the first page of SERP.

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

We Understand Google

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We Understand Google

Our experts know what Google likes about a website and whatnot. Based on that, they conduct activities on the website that can help search engine spiders crawl and index your site effectively.

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

regular site audit

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Regular Site Audit

Technical SEO is not a one-time process. You can’t just do it once and leave it forever. Consistent supervision and analysis of the website are required. Therefore, our SEO executives audit the sites regularly to nip the technical issues in the bud.

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

manual automated efforts

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Manual + Automated Efforts

We don’t resolve issues with automated methods. We also believe in leveraging the combination of technical and manual efforts to resolve issues, which never allows the same problem to arise.

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

responsiveness experts 1

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Responsiveness Experts

An ideal website is supposed to be responsive or friendly for all devices. Our experts know how to fetch more traffic and lower maintenance needs with responsive design.

Why Choose SEO Toronto Experts?

Optimal Use Of Crawl Budget

Optimal Use Of Crawl Budget

Optimal Use Of Crawl Budget

Allocating the crawl budget optimally is vital for indexing. SEO Toronto experts have effective strategies for preparing a crawl budget. No link is left unconsidered or non-indexed by Google.

Technical SEO For International Website

An international website needs to have healthy technicalities when it comes to SEO. Be its page speed, number of scrolls, or information delivering capacity of webpages; everything needs to be on-point as far as the user experience is concerned. All this can be achieved through Technical SEO. It doesn’t end here.

Technical SEO for international websites includes incorporating the ‘hreflang’ tag & meticulous work on the domain. The site needs to be flawless in portraying multilingual capacities.

Since SEO Toronto experts are here, you don’t need to search for Technical SEO experts. Our technical SEO packages won’t pinch your pockets; rather, they’ll help to fill your pockets with revenue worth billions.

technical seo for international websites


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make my website responsive?

SEO Toronto Technical Experts can make your website responsive for all devices – mobile phones (all types), tablets and laptops. We take care of minute details while bringing responsiveness to your website, so stay assured. We won’t disappoint you!

Can you improve the architecture or structure of my website?

Site architecture is one of the crucial elements of technical SEO. Without a well-planned or organized structure, your site can never end the struggle of reaching the #1 spot. An ideal structure links all the web pages, and there are no orphan pages. To structure your website ideally, an SEO executive needs to understand your website. This requires advanced analysis and strategic skills that our technical SEO executives possess. Besides, a site with an ideal architecture loads faster than one built on a random architectural basis.

Can you replace duplicate content from my website?

Our experienced team of content writers can remove plagiarized content from your website and replace it with fresh, unique, informational and value-adding content.

Can you fix site load speed issues?

By minimizing code, compressing the size of images, reducing irrelevant content & redirects and simplifying web design structure, site load speed issues can be fixed.

Can you make my website technically healthy?

A big YES! This is something we’re adept at. We know the perfect recipe to audit a website & resolve issues from a technical point of view. SEO Toronto Technical Experts can make your website impress Google and help it to earn the #1 spot.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is an integral part of on-page SEO; thus, it deals with the visible & interactive elements of the website, For example, Site Speed, Images, Content & Security.


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