eCommerce SEO Strategies That Always Work

eCommerce SEO Strategies That Always Work

Gone are the days when people used to struggle to purchase a plot and get their brick-and-mortar business established. Now is the time when the fad of eCommerce businesses is rising. Is establishing an eCommerce business enough? No, it is not. An eCommerce business needs to be marketed and promoted with an integrated digital marketing campaign which includes Advanced SEO Services, SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing & Content Marketing Campaigns.

Since SEO is responsible for generating 74.3% of total leads, we’re going to majorly focus on this aspect in today’s blog.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice of elevating the website’s rank across chosen keywords. All the businesses having a presence in the search engine world try their best to gain SERP-1 rankings as it is beneficial for fetching organic traffic and generating high-quality leads and revenue. Big brands rely on this practice to grow their business and expand their reach.

SEO is a quintessentially comprehensive concept. It includes a variety of types, each having a unique role to play in escalating rankings and fetching organic traffic – On-Page/Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO and Local SEO.

Types Of SEO

eCommerce SEO Strategies

Keyword Research

Research the combination of high volume and low keyword difficulty having keywords as they are easy & quick to rank. Don’t only trust the tools like – SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Google’s Keyword Planner. Besides, you must leverage efforts to find the LSI versions of the keywords. You can get help from Google’s Autocomplete; People Also Ask Section. The eCommerce industry highly relies on keywords. If you don’t invest the required time in finding the keywords, your ranking, customer acquisition & retention rate and conversion rate will suffer. I hope you don’t want it to suffer.

Way To Find LSI Keywords

Bonus Tip

Since you will put your products on Amazon, you must find the keywords from Amazon’s Autocomplete.

Structure Your eCommerce Site

An eCommerce site can’t offer a supreme user experience without being adequately structured. Product categories and pages must have a proper structure. The structure of the site must be simple & effortless to scale up. SEO executives and web developers must work in close coordination as different categories must be enlisted, and sub-categories must be made.

Structure Your Ecommerce Site

On-Page & Off-Page SEO Goes Side By Side

We can’t underrate the importance of any of these types of SEO – On-Page & Off-Page SEO. On-Page or Technical SEO is responsible for enhancing the user experience and helps in reducing the bounce rate. After all, the more time the user spends on a website, the higher the chances of converting them to potential customers.

When we talk of Off-Page SEO, it is responsible for increasing your website’s domain authority and credibility. Quality backlinks need to be built on niche-relevant and high-domain authority websites for nailing the off-page aspect of SEO.

ON Page vs Off page SEO

Work On Thin Content Pages

Thin content, as the name suggests, offers zero or no value to the user. Such pages may experience significantly less traffic. The only to fetch organic traffic The content of the thin content pages must be replaced with unique & lengthy product descriptions.

What Does Thin Content Look Like

Internal Linking Is Important

To ensure that maximum value is made out of a single transaction, it is quintessentially important to focus on the internal linking part. If you do not provide your customer with clues about where he has to reach, then you won’t be able to convince your users to make a big purchase out of a single transaction.

Internal Linking

Regular Blogging

To fetch organic traffic to your eCommerce store, it is quintessential to conduct regular blogging activities. But, don’t blog for the sake of blogging; rather, follow a particular set of guidelines like:

  • A blog must be 1000 to 2000 words long.
  • It must not be stuffed with keywords.
  • It must offer value and quality information.
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