How To Boost SEO Rankings

SEO Toronto Experts’ Guide – How To Boost SEO Rankings?

Every business aims to become the best in its niche. Since we have stepped into the digital world, a business must reach the first page of Google’s SERP to become best-in-niche. But the question is – ‘How to reach the first page of Google’? Don’t worry when SEO Toronto Experts are here to help you with the secret tips and tricks to boost SEO rankings. So, let’s begin.

Choose Keywords Wisely

An intelligent choice of keywords is critical to Boost SEO Rankings. SEO experts usually invest a great deal of time in conducting keyword analysis. Different varieties of keywords need to be selected like –

  • Keywords with high volume and low difficulty
  • Generic Keywords
  • LSI keywords

Choosing or filtering keywords is not the end of anything. You need to have an excellent keyword embedment or mapping strategy. Don’t rush in preparing such plans. The more time you spend in the process, the more refined and effective it comes out to be.

How To Choose Keywords Rationally

Regular Blogging

Regular blogging is essential to Boost SEO rankings. But don’t publish a blog to show Google that you are active with the blogging activity. You must unfold the value of quality blogging. Google prefers to rank websites or blogs following these guidelines:

  • The blog must have at least 1000 to 3000 words
  • The blog is devoid of keyword stuffing
  • The blog must not be paraphrased or rewritten
  • The blog must offer high-quality information and add value to the users’ knowledge bank.

Regular Blogging

Quality Backlinks

Quality & niche-relevant backlinks are quintessentially important for increasing domain authority & building credibility for your website. When it is about backlinks, quality matters more than quantity. You can’t fool Google. Google’s core updates and algorithms spare none. They analyze a website thoroughly based on various aspects. You will suffer from dropped rankings. The only way left to you would be to disavow cheap and low-quality backlinks.

Checklist For Quality Backlinks

Responsive Website – Core Necessity To Boost SEO Rankings

People prefer to use mobile phones for internet surfing purposes. So, the focus should be on bringing responsiveness to the website. You must ensure that the website is all-device-friendly, particularly for mobile phones. Having a desktop-friendly website is certainly important if you have a B2B website because businessmen prefer to conduct research on their desktops and PCs. Having a B2C website requires your focus to be shifted to the mobile version.

Checklist For A Responsive Website

Internal Linking Is Key

Internal linking helps in reducing the bounce rate. Besides, it helps in making the buyer’s website journey seamless as he will know where to visit next. We’ve observed many websites which have done internal linking for the sake of having conducted a vital SEO activity. Internal linking requires a proper strategy.


Decide which pages are to be internally linked in the following blog beforehand. Don’t internal after the blog is done.

Benefits Of Internal Linking

Site Speed

We live in the 21st century, where people have already lost their patience. They’re so short of patience that they’re not ready to wait more than 2 to 3 seconds for a website to load. If a website takes longer to load, they will abandon their journey on that website. So, improving site load times is the cornerstone of keeping the customers. By site load times, we mean the loading of the entire website – be it content, images, videos and effects (if any are used)

How To Increase Site Speed

Local SEO

By local SEO, we mean fetching traffic residing in the local areas. For that, Google Business Profile needs to be created and maintained, local keywords should be worked on, and location-specific landing pages must be created.

What To Do In Local SEO


Just like a seedling needs nutrition and proper care to grow into a fruit-bearing tree, a website needs to be leveraged with meticulous SEO efforts to grab Page 1 Rankings, drive organic traffic, generate hot leads and massive revenue.

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