Importance of Breadcrumbs for SEO

What Is The Importance Of Breadcrumbs For SEO?

A concept is getting really famous in SEO – BREADCRUMBS!!
What is its use? Why is this concept getting famous?

All of us have heard the famous Hansel & Gretel story, where the pair of siblings had to enter the forest, and they left the breadcrumbs behind to ensure they don’t forget the path & if they do, they can trace them back to reach home. But the question is – ‘How come this concept became famous in the SEO world?’

When a person visits the website, he keeps clicking the links and eventually finds himself stuck where he isn’t supposed to be. In that scenario, he is inclined to go back. The only way he can go back is through breadcrumbs.

What Is BreadCrumbs Navigation?

 Importance of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb navigation usually occurs near the primary navigation. There are various breadcrumbs & the particular type decides how the page is categorized & what way the users find it.
This navigational system is beneficial for users trying to find specific kinds of content on your site. This promotes a better user experience for the people coming to your site. User experience means caring for your customers. So you have to care for them so they don’t get lost in the website visiting journey.

Types Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Based on how you want to trace the visitors back, breadcrumb navigation is divided into these types:

Types Of breadcrumb navigation

Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs

You’ll find hierarchy-based breadcrumb navigation. It is also known as – ‘Location-Based Breadcrumb Navigation’. It is the best option to improve the user experience of sites with complex architecture.
There are two essential components of hierarchy-based breadcrumbs – Broader Categories & Nested Subcategories. This allows the users to explore the topics related to the one they have searched for. If they want to switch to a related topic, they can click on the broad category, which will open a series of nested subcategories for the users to choose.

Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

Path-Based Breadcrumb Navigation

History-Based Breadcrumbs are known as Path-Based Breadcrumbs. They track the user’s journey based on the clicks he makes to reach where he is currently. When we hit the back button from the browser and visit the page back, these breadcrumbs are quintessentially helpful for web forms, etc., where the need can be aroused to take the user to the previous step.

Path Base Breadcrumb

Attribute-Based Breadcrumb Navigation

When talking about attribute-based breadcrumbs, we’re referring to the pages that offer meta-information in the breadcrumb format. Such navigation is mainly found in eCommerce websites or online stores.

Attribute Based Breadcrumb

What Are The Predominant Benefits Of SEO?

Breadcrumbs offer many SEO-oriented benefits.

Site Organization

Breadcrumbs help to understand the site & content structure. It can help search engines understand the pages.


Appear in SERP

Google uses breadcrumbs to contextualize the content & put it in relevant search results. Google also uses breadcrumbs in SERP to provide visitors with better information.

Appear In SERP

Reduce Bounce Rate

Since it becomes easy for visitors to access pages through breadcrumbs, the bounce rate gets reduced.

Reduce Bounce Rate

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