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How Can International SEO Skyrocket Your Business Sales Globally?

Google has the biggest market share of all the search engines, with more than 90% of worldwide search queries. However, the majority of the search traffic of Google comes from different international markets apart from the USA, where it is based! This clearly means there is a lot of potential to grow your business in different countries by just dominating the search results of Google.

One of the best methods to make your business sales skyrocket is to have a strategic international SEO-optimized website. Moreover, getting international SEO services for your website is a high ROI marketing option which is proven to succeed with the right approaches.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the benefits of Global SEO along with a step-by-step way to do international SEO for your website. So, let’s begin!

Why is International SEO crucial for your business?

why should i have international seo

“In today’s international marketplace, expanding your business across different continents is almost a necessity. If your brand hasn’t been able to break down geographical barriers so far, you might have lost on significant sales and a lot of revenue.”

The Sureshot way to dominate international markets is to have a website that is optimized for the worldwide audience. Moreover, you can get amazing sales for your products or services just by following the international SEO best practices.

With SEO Global, you can beat your competitors with big budgets by establishing a place in the top search engine results pages(SERP) rankings. Along with this, Global SEO marketing gives you the opportunity to address distinct user needs to get universal interest in your business offerings.

What is International SEO?

what is international seo

International SEO is a systematic approach to improving your website’s organic presence in the global arena. It can be a reliable option to reach your clientele and customers in your targeted countries. As a result, your website ranking will improve in the SERP boosting your brand’s reach and potential leads.

Top reasons why your website might need SEO International

why international seo is important

The topmost reasons your website should be optimized for International SEO marketing are as follows:-

  • Your website already has different languages targeting diverse nations.
  • There are many products and services listed on your website for consumers belonging to different segments.
  • If your website isn’t optimized with International SEO, your target audience might see an inaccurate version of your site.
  • You want your business to stay relevant in today’s globalized marketplace.
  • You are looking to build a solid presence for your business in emerging markets before your competitors do.
  • The growth of your business is stagnating, and you want to expand your business in different markets.

If you can relate to any of the above-listed reasons, it’s definitely the right moment to take your business to the global level. Get our International SEO audit services today and take the first step towards having exponential sales.

What are the benefits of doing SEO worldwide?

benefits of international seo

The benefits of International SEO are given below:-

  • Venture in different markets

By optimizing your business website with relevant international SEO strategies, you can attract customers from different areas worldwide. This can be one of the best things to happen to your business as you will get a lot of customers who were inaccessible to you till now. Alongside this, you will get to know about the local markets. This will help you gain insights into how consumers buy in different parts of the world. Knowledge of foreign markets will give you an opportunity to make better decisions regarding marketing your products and services.

  • Beat your competition

Each business is looking to get ahead of its competitors, and expanding internationally is a proven method to follow to get great results! With International SEO, your website will be better equipped to outrank your competitors in the SERP. The users who will search for the products or services you are offering will most likely visit your website. This increases the chances of such potential leads to convert and become your clients. So, your competitor’s loss is your gain, all thanks to your global SEO priorities.

  • Expand your customer base significantly

With an international SEO-optimized website, you can get a huge chunk of customers in distinct regions. Due to this, your website traffic and sales will automatically increase. Furthermore, to better target your audience, you can personalize your content to the local language and culture. The relativity factor will contribute to your website visitors converting into paying clients.

  • Transform your business into an international brand

Doing global SEO marketing will give your business a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become an international brand with an astounding presence spread across continents. Your brand awareness can go through the roof when you have a global business with terrific sales in various nations. It will also help your business break into new markets, as many individuals might know about your international brand.

  • Get unimaginable sales and revenue

The companies operating in a specific geography expand their business according to their country’s market potential. However, expanding globally gives businesses an opportunity to get unimaginable sales for their products and services. It not only boosts a company’s revenue but increases the profit share substantially.

In case you also want such amazing benefits for your business, opt for the best Interntional SEO services available. Get in touch with us now to have our free International SEO checklist.

How to do International SEO in a step-by-step way?

international seo in a step-by-step way

Here’s how you can do international SEO for your website:-

  • Step 1: Analyze your website’s performance to know which areas to target

The foremost thing that you should do is to identify which countries you want to target for expanding your business. It can depend on factors like international sales, market trends, and even anticipated sales in emerging markets.

To gauge which markets you can expand into, you can analyze your website’s data to find out where the most traffic is coming from. If the website visitors are originating from countries which you aren’t targeting yet and are even converting, that’s a positive signal. Shortlist such areas for further research and use Global SEO analytics to get insights.

  • Step 2: Do a proper market research

In this step, you have to gather relevant information about your target audience and the current trends in your shortlisted markets. If you want to ensure your business expands with a higher probability of success, you need to conduct market research in every area you want to target!

The research findings will also reveal the companies you’re competing against. It will aid you in making a highly specific international SEO strategy for the local audience you want to target.

  • Step 3: Have a customized strategy as per the country’s search engine

The success of a global SEO strategy depends on the performance of a site on the local search engine. Different countries have various search engines popular in that geography. For example, Google is popular in the USA, Naver is prominent in South Korea, Japan uses Yahoo, China has Baidu, and Russia prefers Yandex. You can make a tailored strategy by identifying the search engine you have to target along with the geolocation and content.

  • Step 4: Do specific keyword research

To target the local search queries, you must do specific International SEO keyword research around what your audience is searching in terms of your industry! You can use various keyword research tools to conduct local keyword research. This will help you filter out keywords with the most volume and optimize your content using popular search terms.

  • Step 5: Write content for the local audience

Writing localized content is crucial and should involve local keywords, language and idioms. You can also customize your content according to your research findings for amazing results.

  • Step 6: Opt for an appropriate URL structure

When it comes to ranking your website, the location of the content is very important. For example, if a Japanese wants to learn about which anime is the best one, will they prefer a Japanese site or an American one that’s been translated into Japanese? Obviously, the Japanese one, right?

You can opt for one of the following options for the URL structure:-

  • A domain with a country’s unique code:

  • A subdomain of your website’s existing domain:

  • A subdirectory for your current domain:

  • Step 7: Build backlinks to rank your website locally

Local backlinks impact the search results a lot more than links from other international locations. You can leverage content marketing and distribute content on the right mediums to have the maximum benefit of local backlinks. For having unbelievable results, you can personalize your content marketing strategy as per the local audience you are serving!

Wrapping Up

International SEO is the foremost marketing strategy employed by most businesses that want to expand on a global level. There are many benefits of doing Global SEO for your website, and the major one is to get an unimaginable boost in your business sales. Additionally, brand awareness is another benefit which contributes to the trustworthiness of the company.

The only requirement to have such advantages for your business is to run a strategic worldwide SEO campaign for your website. If you cannot do it by yourself or want some professional help, trust . We have done International SEO for many business websites and delivered great results. Contact us now to have the best international SEO consultant services.

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