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Build Strong Search Engine Presence For Your Law Firm

To generate gigantic organic & foot traffic and obtain qualified leads for your law firm to keep the revenue figures rolling in escalating direction, you need search engine optimization services.

Toronto law firm SEO
  • 96% legal assistance seekers use search engines.
  • 73.99% people visit a law firm’s website to take the required action.
  • 85% law firms are already investing in SEO for lawyers services to gain qualified leads.
  • 46% of law firms have been able to retain clients and gain referral traffic through SEO for lawyers campaigns..
  • 31% map clicks by legal services seekers were observed to be visiting the website.

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Get Organic Traffic to
The Website & Foot Traffic to
The Brick-and-mortar Office

We leverage all three types of SEO: Technical (On-Page) SEO, Off-Page SEO & Local SEO, to bring organic traffic to your website and foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store.Since the website is the first impression for your traffic, we optimize it from all aspects – site load speed, user-friendly content, high-resolution graphics or videos, smoothnavigation and interactive interface. These are the core requisites of a good law firm website that contributes actively to lead & revenue generation campaigns.

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  • 116.19% increase in organic traffic was generated for Azevedo & Nelson, which accounted for 5,301,115 in one year.
  • 12.12% increase in organic traffic was generated for Dale Streiman Law, which
    accounted for 18,159, 220 in one year.
  • 12.76% increase in organic traffic was generated for VRS Law, which accounted for 4,451,154.
  • 139.94% increase in organic traffic was generated for Gill & Gill Law, which
    accounted for 4,554,48.
  • 12.97% increase in organic traffic was generated for Kotak Law, which accounted for 25, 087,262.

Activation of An Seo for Lawyers Campaign Calls for Countless Benefits

Having a website leveraged with SEO for lawyers efforts is the need of every growth-seeking law firm. Because a significant portion of legal advice seekers research about the law firm that aligns with their interests through search engine results pages. Our SEO Toronto Experts’ campaigns for law firms’ website guarantees to:

SEO For law Firm
  • Improve the click-through rate by working on high-volume keywords.
  • Drive more phone calls through Google Business Profile & other listings.
  • Acquire new traffic through high-quality & user-friendly content.
  • Turn massive amounts of traffic into highly-qualified leads.
  • Strengthen your law firm’s authority to make it the best in its niche.

Plans & Pricing

Choose SEO Toronto Experts for Your Law Firm!


We’re Experienced!

We have worked with many renowned law firms that belong to Canada – VRS Law, Kotak Law, Gill & Gill Law, Dale Streiman Law, Azevedo & Nelson etc. and provided them with the expected results.


We’ve got a Magic Wand!

There’s no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy for all niches & businesses. The way we analyze & strategize for our client’s website is Magic Wand. Because our strategies have always worked to bring more results than expected.


We guarantee what
we can deliver!

We don’t believe in over-promising results just to win projects. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering. This is why our client retention rate is higher than other SEO companies.

Win Ready-to-pay-huge-sum Clients With Convincing Marketing Strategies!

The law industry is a competitive market where law firms try their best to win potential clients. They particularly want to target high-profile cases that add to the reputation of their law firm and help them generate huge revenue. Since we know what you aim for, we can help you achieve it.

With our integrated-channel marketing solutions, we aim to take your business to new heights. Since you’ll be busy meeting organizational goals, you can’t focus on the marketing aspect. So, leave it to us & you won’t be disappointed – That’s a promise.

Our SEO Strategy

  • Research & work on high-volume keywords that’ll bring clicks to websites.
  • Create content & blog posts that can fetch and convince prospective clients to hire ‘SEO for law firms’ services.
  • Focus on internal linking and meta description & title updations because these are the most underrated, but search engine rankings are influencing factors in the long term.
  • Intend to improve the website’s UX with On-Page SEO.
  • Enhance the credibility & authority of your law firm with Off-Page SEO.
  • Generate qualified foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar office with Local SEO.
  • Keep in touch with your customers to increase customer retention rates with social media management campaigns.
  • We create a striking space to display your winning strategies – Case Studies.
  • From time to time, we keep checking google analytics and resolving the highlighted issues.
  • We create quality and niche-relevant backlinks to make you grab the no.1 spot in Google’s organic search results.

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Turn Website Visitors into High-Quality Leads

If your lead generation rate is negligible and does not offer significant profits to your business, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your business sink; make it swim effortlessly!

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  • Clients We Have Worked With Force3 Pro Gear
  • Our Client Your Moving Company
  • Clients We Have Worked With AikSphere Technologies Inc
  • Clients We Have Worked With Beauty Supply Outlet
  • Case Study of Focus Flooring & Construction Inc
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