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80+ Keywords Ranking on #1 Page

Clean Freaks faced fierce competition in the residential cleaning industry, with numerous established companies vying for online visibility. But SEO Toronto Experts’ Keyword Optimization strategies bear fruits, and today clean freaks rank for 80 keywords.

80+ keywords ranking on #1 page
  • Carpet Cleaning Orleans
  • Upholstery Cleaning Services
  • Mattress Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning Kanata
  • Carpet Cleaning Ottawa

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Traffic Acquisition

Organic Traffic Acquisition Every Month – 1.5k

Despite challenging circumstances, such as lockdowns, recession and changing behavior of customers, Clean Freaks experienced consistent organic traffic of approximately 1,500 visits per month. This consistent flow of organic traffic showcased the effectiveness of the strategies, crafted by considering the minutest insights and implemented by SEO Toronto Experts.

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Lead Generation

Total Leads Per Month – 70+

Clean Freaks witnessed a surge in high-quality leads, averaging over 70 leads per month. The targeted approach to SEO and the optimization of landing pages resulted in a higher conversion rate, turning website visitors into valuable customers.

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Ingredients of Success

SEO Toronto Experts leveraged an aggressive SEO strategy on Clean Freaks to generate Page 1 rankings, acquire high-value customers and escalate conversion rate. The team optimized Clean Freaks’ website by fine-tuning meta tags, headings, and content structure to align with target keywords. This ensured that search engines could easily understand and index the website’s content. Besides, SEO Toronto Experts created engaging and informative content, incorporating relevant keywords naturally. This not only improved the website’s search engine visibility but also provided valuable information to potential customers. Apart from that, we built strong credibility and authority for this project, ensuring that Google gets positive signals about this residential service provider.

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