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200+ Keywords Ranking on #1 Page

Our team is working on nearly 300+ high-volume keywords. Of them, 200+ keywords rank at #1 SERP, which is the most significant contributor to driving meaningful organic traffic and generating incremental revenue growth.

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  • Fried Chicken Near Me
  • Halal Fried Chicken
  • Best Wings Mississauga
  • Hot Wings Near Me
  • Toronto Chicken Wings

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Witness Results Yourself!

Type any Keyword & See What Comes Up!

Don’t trust our words; witness the results yourself. Type in any of our keywords and appreciate our ranking at #1 SERP.

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Traffic Acquisition

Organic Traffic Acquisition Every Month – 10k

It is a significant achievement for us to acquire approximately 10k organic traffic every month. Even during the tough lockdown times, this rate didn’t decline at all. It makes us proud of our meticulously crafted strategies.

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Lead Generation

Total Leads Per Month – 1000+

The more the leads, the higher the business growth. It is easy to drive traffic to the website, but converting organic traffic into high-paying leads is challenging. But Our SEO Toronto Experts know what it takes to convert a website visitor into a high-transaction making and repetitively turning-up customer.

Lead Generation

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Grab Huge Success For Your Food-Based Brand

Since you’ve read what wonders we can do with a food-based brand, if you own the one and want to scale it up, we’re here! We’ll help you generate enough profits to open the following franchises.

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Ingredients of Success

Ingredients of Success

Rome was not built in a day, and so was our strategy. It took us many months to come up with the best approach to follow to acquire first-page rankings, high traffic acquisition and lead generation rate. But that doesn’t mean that we got hard and fast with one strategy. We kept on modifying it in regard to the new updates and trends. From painstakingly working on location-specific landing pages to conducting PR activities professionally and actively, we did everything. We didn’t sleep for nights because work was more than the working hours. We put our whole team to get city-based and particular-category-based landing pages. Then we had to build its authority and credibility thus, we embarked on the mission to build quality backlinks through citations and guest postings. We also put our blood, sweat and tears to craft the best social media strategies to enhance our reach and brand awareness.

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