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500+ Keywords Ranking on #1 Page

Ranking for keywords for luxury goods is a next-level challenge especially when there are already established brands offering the same goods. We find it as an opportunity to compete with the world-famous brand. We did efforts and succeeded. Consequently, we are ranking for more than 500 keywords.

500+ keywords ranking on #1 page
  • Moreau Bags
  • Leather Briefcase Toronto
  • Smythson Toronto
  • Tumi Luggage Canada
  • Hartmann Luggage Canada

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Type any Keywords & See What Comes Up!

Our results speak louder than words. We don’t just make claims but deliver tangible results that speak volumes about our expertise and commitment to excellence.


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Traffic Acquisition

Total Organic Traffic Per Month – 10k

Our strategies have enabled us to generate significant online traffic for this project. Even during the lockdown & recession times, our team tried its best and didn’t let traffic go down.

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Lead Generation

Total Leads Per Month – 250+

It is difficult to generate leads when a business is offering luxurious and expensive goods. It was indeed a daunting challenge for us to face, but we didn’t show back and crafted strategies that are proving fruitful to date.

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Choose SEO Toronto Experts to sell your luxury goods through SEO and unlock a world of digital success. Our expertise will elevate your brand and captivate discerning customers, driving top rankings and increased visibility. Trust SEO Toronto Experts to take your luxury goods to new heights in the online realm.

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Ingredients of Success

A successful SEO strategy for a luxury goods brand entails a combination of critical elements that elevate rankings and drive high revenue. Firstly, our team conducted thorough keyword research specific to the luxury market to identify relevant and high-value search terms. Then we put our content writers at work to craft compelling and unique content, including product descriptions, blog articles, and engaging visuals, which helped us to establish brand authority and attract potential consumers. After that, we collaborated with the team of web developers to optimize website structure and technical elements, such as page load speed and mobile responsiveness, enhance user experience and improve search engine visibility. Following that, our SEO executives focused on bettering off-page SEO; thus, they started building high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources within the luxury industry to strengthen the brand’s online presence.

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