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800+ Keywords Ranking on #1 Page

Becker Shoes deals in over a hundred footwear brands and product-sub categories to offer its customers footwear for every foot need. Thus we needed to rank for tons of keywords, and our strategy has helped us achieve the motive.

800+ keywords ranking on #1 page
  • Foamtreads Slippers
  • Remonte Boots
  • Shoes Sudbury
  • Blundstone 1916
  • Shoe Store Ontario

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Type any Keyword & See What Comes Up!

Experience the undeniable proof of our success firsthand. Take a moment to search for any of our targeted keywords, and you’ll see for yourself that we proudly hold the top spot in the search engine results page (SERP).


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Traffic Acquisition

Organic Traffic Acquisition Every Month – 21k

The shoe industry is very vast, and the competition is very high. Therefore it becomes very difficult to show up as a leading brand and win customers that are already loyal to your competitors. But we accepted the challenge and set the pace of acquiring significant traffic worth 21k every month.

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Lead Generation

Total Leads Per Month – 250+

Though the trend of online shopping is spread worldwide, people still prefer to buy shoes offline mode because of fitting-related problems. Addressing those problems through digital campaigns can directly reward high-qualified leads.

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Step into success with SEO Toronto Experts as your partner for driving your shoe business to new heights. With our unmatched expertise in digital marketing, we’ll create a captivating online presence that leaves your competitors in the dust. Choose SEO Toronto Experts and step up your shoe business game today.

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Ingredients of Success

Making a Shoes business rank on top of SERP and making competitors lag behind was a giant challenge. But we accepted it and made the project successful. Our SEO campaign for Becker Shoes was a meticulously crafted and continuously evolving strategy. Over several months, we fine-tuned our approach to achieve first-page rankings, drive high-traffic acquisition, and generate valuable leads. We understood the importance of adapting to new updates and trends, so we remained flexible in our methods. Our team worked tirelessly, burning the midnight oil, to create location-specific landing pages and target specific categories. Building authority and credibility was paramount, so we dedicated ourselves to acquiring quality backlinks through citations and guest postings. We poured our heart and soul into crafting effective social media strategies to expand our reach and boost brand awareness. We left no stone unturned, ensuring that Becker Shoes gained the online visibility and success it deserved.

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